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Kids Can Handle Adversity

In a time when parents believe they hold the keys to keeping kids mentally and physically safe, they try their best to keep their children from experiencing any negative emotion, differing opinion, or stressful event. Adults oftentimes teach children that they aren’t meant to feel anxiety, sadness, or pain of any kind, and that feeling… Continue reading Kids Can Handle Adversity

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With 5 Boys, I’m Learning ADHD May Just Be a Temperament

I have a son who was diagnosed with ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Well as a young mother I listened to all of the advice given me by well-meaning teachers, pediatricians and therapists. My son’s ADHD was fairly severe and still is. He has trouble focusing and listening to basically anyone and anything that… Continue reading With 5 Boys, I’m Learning ADHD May Just Be a Temperament

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I Have Lots of Kids; No, You Don’t Need to Comment

            I know this is a theme in a lot of writing by a lot of women with large families, but  I would also just like to know when it became acceptable to approach strangers and make comments about their kids, especially in front of said kids?! My husband and I planned our family. We PLANNED every kid… Continue reading I Have Lots of Kids; No, You Don’t Need to Comment

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Chocolate PB and Kale Smoothie

When you first read the ingredients for this smoothie, you will tell yourself "this sounds disgusting." But don't listen to that thought! Every single person I have made this for was skeptical at first, but every single person who has tried it has absolutely loved it! I made this recipe the first time on accident… Continue reading Chocolate PB and Kale Smoothie

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Changing Our Focus When Darkness Hits

I think with the recent passing of Chester Bennington, the subject of depression has been discussed in depth and more openly. Having dealt with severe, debilitating anxiety, depression, and insomnia, I wanted to write about the subject, and discuss my opinions regarding the struggle and ways to cope. I’m currently struggling with a hormonal imbalance… Continue reading Changing Our Focus When Darkness Hits

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Postpartum Depression, Anxiety, and Insomnia

I’m writing this because during the darkest hours of my life, I was that person searching endlessly online for a solution, for someone who understood my situation and could tell me full-heartedly that it was going to get better, that everything was going to be ok. I am not a doctor, and this is not… Continue reading Postpartum Depression, Anxiety, and Insomnia


I Need a Man

                  It’s easy for me to say I need a man, even with an unquestionable amount of anti-relationship rhetoric streaming from music, television, media, and the internet, drowning out the happiness of the people succeeding in love. “I don’t need a man. I’m independent,” it tells women, urging them away from any tendency to want… Continue reading I Need a Man